Planning Ahead Before Procrastination Evolves


As I begin my final semester as an undergraduate student here at St. Mary’s University, my feelings are mixed. I am excited yet nervous of the ending of one chapter and what is to come in the next. I plan to make the most out of these last four months by soaking in all knowledge of the final courses I am taking.

Three aspects that I find most exciting in the Media Production 2 course are (1) obtaining live interviewing skills, (2) practicing shooting and editing videos using Final Cut Pro and (3) building and maintaining a running website.

There are challenges that I may encounter throughout the semester, challenges that may cause stress and worries. Final Cut Pro is my weakness, meaning the video projects may be of some difficulty for me. To overcome this challenge, I plan on practicing during my work-study hours for experience and better quality. Another challenge is going to be the interviewing process. I tend to be shy with others, especially with those with whom I am not familiar. I will be challenged to move beyond my comfort zone, but as a communication arts major I need to remind myself that this is something I need to succeed professionally.

Media Production 2 relates to my intended career because I want to enter the entertainment industry, meaning interviewing others and publishing multimedia work online will be required.


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